‘Let the Fire Burn’ film opens today

The documentary “Let the Fire Burn” premieres today, and is attracting terrific reviews, including a “Critic’s Pick” in the New York Times. We were pleased to serve as consultants on the film, which is now in national distribution. It will be featured at the Philadelphia Film Festival on Oct. 26. We’ll be participating in a panel discussion there and at other events. Details to follow…

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New York Times review of the film

From the review:

“Films Beget Films” is the title of Jay Leyda’s 1964 book about compilation films: new works stitched together out of old footage. In the case of “Let the Fire Burn,” it’s video that begets a riveting chronicle of the radical group Move’s clash with Philadelphia authorities and a catastrophic siege of its headquarters in 1985. Seamlessly fashioned from television news footage, public hearings and other sources, the movie relives an incredible chapter in American history.

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